New 350hp Outboard and Yamaha Tech Steal the Show

  • By Stuart Simmons Yarrawonga

Yamaha's Sanctuary Cove Boast Show Display The Best Yet

The most expansive and impressive boat show display by Yamaha Marine took place at this year’s Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show. The presentation of Yamaha marine technology has been hailed a resounding success, a fitting reward for the hard work and dedication shown by the staff and dealers who took part.

The Yamaha Marine team pulled out all the stops leading up to the event to ensure everyone who attended the show would remember the Yamaha Marine display as a highlight.

On land, the centrepiece of Yamaha’s show area was the all-new 350hp outboard; the impressive 4256cc V6 outboard engine attracted the attention of just about everyone who passed by the stand. The rest of Yamaha’s industry-leading big horsepower outboards were also on show, and with the high-performance engines being renowned for their reliability, power, and advanced technology, the display was a favourite among recreational and professional boaters.

The cutting-edge Helm Master EX boat control system, which represents the pinnacle of boating control technology and delivers unparalleled manoeuvrability, also drew a substantial crowd. The dedicated WaveRunner area, a popular attraction that returned this year, featured a fresh lineup of ten new WaveRunner models. The personal watercraft display was a hit among potential customers, many of whom were excited to see the exclusive JetFish Equipped FX HO in the flesh.

The range of big horsepower outboard engines and the latest-release WaveRunners made Yamaha stand out as the star attraction, drawing crowds and making its display one of the busiest among outboard manufacturers at the show.

Yamaha was also out in force on the water, with three Helm Master EX-enabled demonstration boats in continuous use from the Yamaha marina. These boats provided show-goers with the unique opportunity to experience the advanced capabilities of the Helm Master EX system firsthand. The boats were in high demand, as attendees eagerly lined up to test the system’s impressive features. This hands-on experience highlighted the system’s dominance in the outboard segment and reinforced Yamaha’s reputation for innovation and quality, driving strong high-horsepower sales.

In addition to the three Helm Master EX-equipped boats, seven Yamaha dealers were also present, each displaying and demonstrating their products. This provided visitors to the Yamaha Marina with a unique opportunity to explore a variety of vessels equipped with Yamaha’s powerful engines, providing a comprehensive view of what Yamaha Marine has to offer.

The feedback from both visitors and dealers was overwhelmingly positive. Many praised Yamaha’s extensive and engaging display, expressing a desire to see even bigger and better things from the company at future shows. In response, Yamaha has already begun planning for next year’s event, aiming to surpass the excitement it generated this year. 

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  • By Stuart Simmons Yarrawonga
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